Turkey Pinecone Craft

Image result for thanksgiving craftsTurkey Pinecone Craft

While we don’t have alot of pine trees around here, you can always buy some at the craft stores. Kids will enjoy making them and be proud to show them off. These adorable turkeys will make the perfect center piece.Turkey Pinecone Craft Materials:


*colorful pipe cleaners

*brown pompom balls

*googley eyes

*red and yellow felt pieces

*glue gun

Turkey Pinecone Craft Directions:

1.Using the hot glue gun glue the pompom near the top of the pinecone.

2.Bend the pipe cleaners into ovals.  Glue at the base of the pinecone.

3.Glue eyes on the pompom ball.

4.Cut out the beak out of yellow felt and waddle out of the red felt.  Glue on to pompom ball.

5.Make feet out of pipe cleaners and glue to base of the pinecone.

6. Let dry.

Mom Tip:  If you have a cold glue gun, the kids can get involved.

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