Panko Chicken Nuggets

ChickenNuggetsPankoPanko Chicken Nuggets

What child doesn’t like chicken nuggets? Why not whip up your own panko chicken nuggets for Memorial Day?

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Patriotic Berry Trifle

PatrioticBerryTriflePatriotic Berry Trifle

For this Memorial Day why not make a dessert the kids are sure to love? Patriotic Berry Trifle is light, yet sweet enough for kids to enjoy and healthy with fruit.

Have this yummy Patriotic Berry Trifle at your Memorial Day BBQ or just enjoy poolside.


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Chicken and Pineapple Skewers

ChickenPineappleSkewersChicken and Pineapple Skewers

Memorial Day is almost here. If you’re having a backyard BBQ for this festive holiday week-end, try these easy peasey chicken and pineapple skewers. Kids will enjoy the sweet taste and have fun pulling them off the sticks.

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10 Best Family Friendly Hotel Chains

HolidayInnClearwaterFLA10 Best Family Friendly Hotel Chains

It’s no surprise that many major hotel chains are now making their properties more welcoming to families by continuing to add perks and amenities that appeal to kids. There’s proof it sells. Access to cribs and highchairs at hotels just doesn’t cut it anymore. Parents (and, more importantly, kids) have come to expect a lot more, so hotels — small and large — have jumped on the kid-friendly bandwagon and are touting new activities and programs that cater to younger guests.

What you get varies a great deal among these chains, as does what you’ll pay for it. While some families are looking for serious pampering and supervised activities for the kids, others are happy with free breakfast, a little extra space and a pool. Below is a list of our top 10 favorite kid-friendly hotel chains. Continue reading

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Chocolate-Covered Sweet and Sour Patch Kids™

SourPatchKidsChocolateChocolate-Covered Sweet and Sour Patch Kids™

This doesn’t sound good to me, but apparently the author of this recipe loves the combo of sweet and sour and the different balance of chocolate with gummy candy. It’s a hit with my friends and family! If your kids already like sour patch kids, then this will be a treat they enjoy.

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Kid Friendly Fondue

FondueForKidsKid Friendly Fondue

Make this easy snack of kid friendly fondue for the whole crew after school or sporting events. Kids will love this creamy and healthy snack. Pair it with fruit to make it extra healthy! Kids will have fun dipping into kid friendly fondue.

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10 Affordable Orlando Resorts for Families

OrlandoHarborWhen choosing a discount Orlando hotel for your family vacation, honing in on your family”s top travel priorities is key. If your crew operates by the “time is money” creed, proximity and transit time to the theme parks might be of chief importance, while if you”re strapped for cash, you might put major value on free budget-stretching perks like complimentary breakfast, free parking, Wi-Fi, theme park shuttle service and onsite entertainment for the kids.

If you”re traveling with teens, you might reason that the amount of square footage and number of bathrooms in an accommodation can “make or break” a vacation and are worth allocating a portion of your budget towards. Similarly, if you”re a “nester,” having in-room access to the conveniences of home–like a furnished kitchen and a washer and dryer–may be the secret to your holiday enjoyment. Thankfully, with around 450 Orlando area hotels to choose from, there are plenty of properties where you can fulfill all of these budget travel wishes — in some cases, simultaneously!

These Orlando accommodations represent the finest budget offerings for some of the most common family travel needs, and include recommendations for those visiting Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort and SeaWorld Orlando. Continue reading

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Misconceptions About How Girls and Boys Learn

Misconceptions About How Girls and Boys Learn


If you have a son and daughter, or brothers and sisters, you already know that boys and girls learn differently. The differences in boys’ and girls’ brains result in behavioral distinctions in the classroom. It is this neurobiological difference between the two that gives girls their natural tendency to develop in language and writing, and boys a stronger pull towards movement and visual experiences. Continue reading

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Arts and Crafts out of Recycled Materials

Arts and Crafts out of Recycled Materials

Nature converts the most ordinary and downright weird objects into articles of beauty. Caterpillars become butterflies. A mighty oak appears from a tiny seed. Diamonds are formed from coal. Yet human beings tend to start with the best and brightest of ingredients, when it comes to expressing their inner artist. Why not take a leaf out of nature’s book? Converting something of no use or something which should be discarded, is a great way to reduce waste and express your creativity. Recycling isn’t confined to making deposits at a recycling waste center. One should learn to reutilize materials in a different manner from how they were intended to be used, to reduce waste. Turning a pile of newspapers into a figurine or using tin cans to make sculptures, follows the “reduce, reuse and recycle” motto. Plus salvaging household items for arts and crafts, is cheaper than buying expensive art supplies! Continue reading

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10 Best Cities for Family Vacations

SanAntonioRiverWalk10 Best Cities for Family Vacations

Cities make great getaways — short or long — for families. They are hubs for direct flights, ample accommodations, top-notch restaurants and iconic, innovative attractions that appeal to all ages. In these cities, kids (and parents) will be wide-eyed with amazement. Plus, all of these cities provide a touch of history, making them both educational and fun.

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